Profiting Together

Salutem is a qualified investor fund with variable share capital (SICAV). We offer investors the opportunity to grow their funds through participation in the profit from our real estate projects within an expected return ranging between 6.0 – 6.3% per year. We deliver this return even if the fund does not achieve the expected performance, at  our expense, up to the full amount of the capital invested. Join us on a shared path to profit.

About the Fund

The long-term experience of the fund’s founders in the real estate market ensures the Salutem fund receives a constant flow of new investment opportunities in various projects across the Czech Republic.

We are ready to share this growth potential with other investors in exchange for the provision of additional capital for the recommended minimum investment horizon of 3 years.

Salutem’s own business is based on diversified investments in income-generating real estate and related projects. The fund invests primarily in profitable real estate, especially in residential and commercial premises.

The legal form of the Salutem Fund as a joint stock company with variable share capital (SICAV) allows investments in joint projects in the form of preferred investment shares.

Preferred investment shares provide for their holders a preferential right to a minimum yield (in our case 6.0% p.a.), even if the profitability of the fund were to be lower than that or even negative.  In such a case, the payment of the proceeds would take place at the expense of the fund’s founders up to the value of their equity.

Basic parameters

Legal form of the fundJoint stock company with variable share capital (SICAV)
Fund typeQualified investor fund
Underlying assets of the fundInvestments in real estate, receivables secured by real estate, loans, investment securities, additional assets (e.g.  real estate)
Issued securityPriority investment shares
Publicly tradableNo
Share subscription frequencyMonthly
Minimum client investmentCZK 1 million
Entry charge3 % 
Client’s investment horizonMinimum of 3 years
Exit chargeUp to 3 years of holding 5%, after the 3rd year of holding 0%
Taxation of fund income5% of the fund’s profit
Taxation of shareholders – individuals15% for redemption up to 3 years, 0% for redemption after 3 years
Fund managerAVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
Fund AdministratorAVANT investiční společnost, a.s.
Depository bankČeskoslovenská obchodní banka, a.s.
AuditorNexia AP a.s.

Why invest with us


Above-standard yield up to 6.3% p.a.

Holders of preferred investment shares in the Salutem fund can increase the value of their funds at an above-standard interest rate of up to 6.3% p.a. The payment of this return always takes place in preference to the fund’s founders holding performance investment shares.


Minimum return of 6.0% p.a. in the form of redistribution of fund capital

Guarantee of a minimum return on preference investment shares of 6.0% p.a. (MIN), even in the case of lower profit or the fund making a loss. The guarantee takes the form of redistribution of fund capital from holders of performance investment shares in favour of holders of preference investment shares, up to the amount of this fund capital.


Investment diversification

The Salutem Fund invests in real estate projects, which are in themselves considered a less risky instrument. In addition however, the fund diversifies these investments, both geographically and in terms of investment across different types of real estate (commercial and residential) and other assets.


Solid foundations from income-generating real estate

Unlike, for example, pure development funds, the backbone of the fund’s appreciation is stable income-generating real estate, whether it is from fully occupied industrial areas or individual residential properties with long-term tenants.


Decades of experience in the field

The manager, the supervisory board and the founders of the fund together have a unique combination of experience both in the field of collective investment and in the field of real estate investments.

We work with the best

Our work is unimaginable without the expertise of high-quality partners. We have for many years enjoyed a deep co-operation with Znalecká a poradenská kancelář s.r.o. and thanks to their knowledge and reach we achieve access to the most interesting real estate investments in the market. They also ensure that our revenue-focussed projects achieve their objectives, through leasing to reliable and financially stable tenants on mutually attractive terms.

The co-operation with Znalecká a poradenská kancelář s.r.o. extends our team to include 20 expert brokers, lawyers and assistants able to effectively manage our and your real estate investments throughout the Czech Republic.


Petr Jiříček

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Josef Hlaváček

Member of the Supervisory Board

Jaroslav Ton

Founder of the fund

Important documents

Rules of the fund
Rules of the fund
Rules of the real estate sub-fund
Rules of the real estate sub-fund
Key information document PIA - real estate sub-fund
Key information document PIA - real estate sub-fund


The strategy of the Salutem fund is to carefully diversify investments into real estate projects:

Yieldful commercial real estate
We operate and rent commercial areas, especially in the field of light industry. Our investments are also diversified geographically, by type and composition of tenants.

Income-generating residential real estate

We own and rent dozens of housing units in Prague and other Czech cities. We focus on long-term leases providing yield stability.

Development activity
As part of the enhancement of the industrial areas we own, we also engage in development activities. These are mainly renovations and completion of industrial or storage halls.

Selected Investments

Vitareal Prostějov

A fully let industrial complex with warehouses, production and office space, it comprises a stable source of income for the fund. The composition of tenants is diversified across different industries.

Výrobní areál Luby u Chebu

Plně pronajatý výrobní areál v Lubech u Chebu s tradiční výrobou hudebních nástrojů Strunal Schönbach. Dlouhodobá nájemní smlouva a přímá angažovanost na vedení podniku jsou zárukou stabilní výnosnosti.

Residential Portfolio Salutem

Dozens of rented housing units and family houses in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic. The housing portfolio strategy is focused primarily on long-term leases with yield stability.

How to invest in a Salutem fund


The first step to investing is to arrange a meeting with representatives of the fund. All your potential investors may be available to meet in person. You can arrange an introductory meeting via the contact form or by telephoning us.


In a personal meeting, we will present our vision and familiarise you with details about the investment strategy of the Salutem fund, successful projects, and explain all the necessary steps before you sign an investment agreement. Upon request, we can arrange to take you on a personal inspection of a selected investment project.


Once you are familiar with all the conditions for investing in the Salutem fund, there are no further steps required before proceeding to the subscription agreement.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?
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Would you like to work in the field of corporate and real estate investments? Do you have experience in real estate, banking or asset management? Do you like working on projects that have vision and social purpose? Does your profile fit one of the jobs below? Then don’t  hesitate, send us your CV.

For the Salutem fund, we are looking for people with a background as a financial adviser or  investment intermediary for the external position of Salutem Ambassador

Key responsibilities:

Acquisition of new investors
Representation of the fund at meetings with clients

We require:

Secondary school / university with a focus on  economics
Knowledge of financial markets, investment instruments and financial products
Knowledge of financial and property planning
Experience in the financial / banking field min. 2 years
Valid certification for intermediation of investment products

We offer:

A very motivating package, depending on the volume of mediated investments

If you are interested, send us your CV and some information about your specific motivation to work for the Salutem group via the form, after clicking on the I am interested button.